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Happy Times Ahead

For my first project with Ostara in 2010, I helped procure items for an art school’s auction. Shortly after that, I wrote a grant to the NEA for a performing arts organization that brought in $10K to put on a show. I was working as a touring, producing, recording songwriter at the time, and this work felt like an extension of the arts community where I could help contribute. It was an accidental beginning in fundraising that I know so many of you can relate to.

I am deeply gratified by the fact that the grants team I fostered at Ostara has so far contributed to raising over $55 million dollars through nearly 1,000 grants across our shared community. More than that, I am proud of all we have been able to do together – my colleagues at Ostara as well as all of you whom I’ve worked with in nonprofits throughout the region. And that’s not just because of the money raised; it’s the mutual support and trust we’ve built, and the satisfaction of reaching shared goals.

One of the enormous privileges I have received from working with you over the last twelve years is the front-row seat to your generosity, empathy, and dedication. All the time I am building spreadsheets, helping you form your case for support, or advising you on grants and strategic planning, I am also noticing the way you employ honesty, forthrightness, nuance, and kindness in how you speak with people and how you make decisions.

You all have been my teachers, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In the summer of 2022, after a year or ten of consideration, I opened Happy Time Studio in Issaquah – offering music and arts classes for kids, teens, and adults. Beginning in January 2023, I am leaving Ostara and focusing on the studio full time.

I am taking with me the lessons you have taught me. Our community is a better place when we can find common ground and shared purpose. We all need to keep working together on this project that never ends. The show must go on…

Stay in touch! You can always reach me at

Wishing everyone a warm and welcome holiday season,



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