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Our Story

The name Ostara is drawn from an ancient Norse term with refers to the vernal (spring) equinox: the time to sow seeds and begin anew.

Founder & CEO Kyle Halmrast founded The Ostara Group in 2009 after decades in the non-profit field. Emerging from the Leadership Tomorrow program in Seattle, WA, Kyle was inspired to build a new approach to serving local nonprofits and increasing our collective impact.

These many years later, Ostara has partnered with hundreds of nonprofits of all sizes and from all corners of our sector, continuing in our unique and effective "shoulder-to-shoulder" style of collaboration. We have evolved our full suite of consulting services to meet the needs of our changing world while navigating countless, familiar challenges of this work alongside our clients.

Whatever issues or opportunities you face, we are poised to assist and guide you with the clarity, experience and energy to advance your mission and organizational journey.

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Our mission is to build fundraising skills, organizational capacity, and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Our vision is a nonprofit sector filled with thriving organizations equipped to build a better world.

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Racial Equity Statement

We acknowledge the power dynamic that exists in the nonprofit sector between the organizations that require funding to deliver their missions and the predominantly white institutions and individuals who hold wealth and power. We acknowledge there is also a power dynamic between consultants and the people we consult with.

We work to support clients in navigating these dynamics, while placing their voices and perspectives at the center of our work.

We are committed to advancing equity within The Ostara Group and in the nonprofit sector in collaboration with our clients.

Our Values


We advocate for leadership that serves the greater good. The principles of social justice and equity guide our work.


We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and act creatively to overcome challenges in your organization. We view obstacles as opportunities to improve systems and achieve goals.


Client service is paramount to everything we do. We strive to make a lasting and positive impact.


Empathy and compassion are fundamental to our work. We truly care about you and the people you serve.


We value transparency and authenticity. We always tell the truth, with sincerity and respect.


Our Services

At The Ostara Group, we specialize in providing a range of custom services to help ensure client success, sustainability, and community impact. Our approach is holistic and tailored to the needs of your organization. Learn more below about the various ways we can support your organization.

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