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Happy Holidays from Ostara!

As I look back on this past blur of a year, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic. The passing of time marks our lives in myriad ways.  The birth of a child who, all too soon, launches out into the world ready to make their mark.  A valued employee who leaves to fulfill a long-standing dream of their own, while new colleagues come in to take up the mantle, and in so doing add their own experiences and perspectives to the collective. Clients with whom we’ve had rewarding relationships will move on, and new clients and projects come into the fold.  Lessons learned, some harder won than others, change how we interact with our friends, colleagues and ourselves.

Change is inevitable.  How we manage that change, how we show up for it, or don’t, takes the measure of who we are as people and professionals.

Over this past year, we’ve been doing a lot of talking about Ostara 3.0, as we’ve taken to calling it. Namely, how will we, as a company, adapt and grow to meet new challenges and the many opportunities now in front of us? 

This organizational self-reflection has brought about some high-level changes at Ostara that you’ll begin to notice in our company language and philosophy.  As one example, where Ostara 2.0 had four service line areas – Grant Services, Campaign Services, Development Services, and Strategy and Facilitation Services – we will now have three areas of focus: Leadership, Planning and Fundraising.  Much of the work we do will remain the same, but elevating our top line perspective feels like it better aligns with where the sector is headed and better coincides with our clients, and the sector’s, needs.

More information about these changes will certainly be forthcoming over the course of these next few months.  What I can say now is that we’re excited for what the future holds.  We have an amazing team of highly skilled consultants already part of the Ostara family, and are looking to partner with even more talented and experienced colleagues and clients as we continue to grow and evolve.

In the meantime, keep reading our newsletters to stay up to date on our journey and to learn about opportunities to connect with us out in the community. (Or even just reach out to say hello!) 

We wish you all a very happy, healthy and exciting new year!


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