Our mission is to build fundraising skills, organizational capacity, and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Our vision is a nonprofit sector filled with thriving organizations equipped to build a better world.


These are the core values that guide the ways in which we show up for our clients and colleagues throughout the course of our work:


We advocate for leadership that serves the greater good. The principles of social justice and equity guide our work.


We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and act creatively to overcome challenges in your organization. We view obstacles as opportunities to improve systems and achieve goals.


Client service is paramount to everything we do. We strive to make a lasting and positive impact.


Empathy and compassion are fundamental to our work. We truly care about you and the people you serve.


We value transparency and authenticity. We always tell the truth, with sincerity and respect.

Racial Equity Statement

We acknowledge the power dynamic that exists in the nonprofit sector between the organizations that require funding to deliver their missions and the predominantly white institutions and individuals who hold wealth and power. We acknowledge there is also a power dynamic between consultants and the people we consult with.

We work to support clients in navigating these dynamics, while placing their voices and perspectives at the center of our work.

As a company, we are working towards internal clarity about institutional racism. We are committed to addressing institutional racism within The Ostara Group and to advancing equity in the nonprofit sector in collaboration with our clients.


Our People

Our History

Ostara was founded in 2009 with one purpose: to support nonprofits in achieving their highest aspirations. The work you do for your community is our reason for being.

Founder & CEO Kyle Halmrast took inspiration from the old Norse word, Ostara, which refers to the vernal (spring) equinox: the time to sow seeds and begin anew.

In the early years, a business that started at a family kitchen table grew into a team of experienced consultants. Then and now, we help you work within your organization to strengthen your development program, relationships with donors, and community. In recent years, we formalized the four service lines that we have today: Development, Grants, Campaigns, and Strategy & Facilitation Services. The majority of the 300+ clients on our roster operate in Washington State, but we are also proud to have partnered with many clients across the country.

We stand beside our clients on their toughest days, and share in the joy of their biggest successes. We never stop learning, improving our internal systems, and testing new ways to help you achieve the impact you seek.

Our first ten years have absolutely overflowed with possibility, obstacles, learning, and rewards, and we’re excited about the work that is to come!


What It’s Like to Work at Ostara

Ostara consultants are fundraisers, coaches, and leaders with decades on the front lines of organizations in every nonprofit sector. We have high expectations for the members of our team; they must be comfortable being experts and great listeners, providing direct feedback in challenging situations, thinking creatively and outside the box, pivoting and changing strategies gracefully, and compassionately responding to each client’s unique circumstances.

Ostara works hard to build and preserve a warm and supportive culture. We also value connection to our team and our community. We work, play, volunteer, and celebrate together.

Consulting at Ostara is fast-paced and requires very high levels of time management skills. Each of our consultants is very individually driven and comfortable working independently on projects, and equally comfortable working in collaborative teams. Ostara’s employees can choose to work remotely and participate in regular in-person meetings with clients or coworkers as needed. Each consultant has the freedom to construct their work week and schedule as they see fit, including the locations, times, and days in which they will complete work, as long as it meets the needs of their clients and their project team.

Our office has some group meeting spaces and individual workstations, but employees do not have designated desks, nor are they expected to be there consistently during business hours. We hold client meetings in person throughout the Puget Sound region and also utilize technology to host virtual meetings via phone, video, and conference call. We have regular internal meetings at the office and we believe that in-person attendance is always preferred; however, when it’s not possible, call or video is an option open to everyone.

Ostara regularly reviews company benefits and works hard to be able to augment them at every chance we get. Currently, this is what we offer:

  • Starting PTO of 23 days per year, including holidays
  • Gold-level medical insurance
  • Lifetime membership to the People’s Memorial Association
  • $500 annual professional development reimbursement
  • Reimbursements for transportation, technology, and meals

Giving Back

Since our inception, volunteerism has guided many of Ostara’s endeavors. Our longest-running tradition of giving back to the community is through Free Fridays, evolving in form throughout the years, always built around open, free advice to folks working in the nonprofit sector. We also volunteer regularly as a team, coming together around our mutual appreciation of showing up for others. Many of Ostara’s employees volunteer on their own time, serving on boards, advisory groups, and as individuals in the community.

Ostara also commits a portion of revenue each year to support our community financially. We make quarterly donations as a team based on an internal pitch contest designed to help keep our fundraising chops sharp. Our employees are able to allocate funds as charitable gifts throughout the year based on their individual passions.