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Hal Abrams headshot

Richie King (he/him)



Albuquerque, NM

Current Town

Austin, TX

DEI Statement

I have worked with various populations including LGBTQ college students, people in recovery, houseless people, working class filmmakers, and poor and working class people seeking access to reproductive healthcare. I myself am transgender and come from a working class background. I understand firsthand how crucial it is to thoughtfully infuse diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into my work with clients in order to strengthen connections and expand access to resources within our communities.


BA from the University of Texas at Austin

Sectors I've Worked In

Nonprofit, Higher Education, Film Industry

Services & Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning; Facilitation, training or workshop.

Notable Projects

I cherish the COVID recovery work I was able to conduct with clients in 2021.

Why I Love This Work

I am energized by creating intentional space for thought leaders and stakeholders to explore their big ideas and helping them find ways to strategically implement those ideas through attainable, measurable goals.

Fun Fact

My hobbies include: Bird Watching, Bouldering, Bicycling, Cartooning

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