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Rachel Halmrast

Hal Abrams headshot

Rachel Halmrast (they/them)



Seattle, WA

Current Town

Boulder, CO

DEI Statement

Focusing on diversity in fundraising and grants work is only one small step of a larger movement towards equity, but it is an essential one. Funds create opportunity and a space for ideas to become reality, and only with equal access to opportunity can the true diversity of our world be reflected. My work as both an artist and a contractor is guided by this principle.


BFA in Dance from University of Colorado Boulder

Sectors I've Worked In

Arts Administration, Venue Operations, and Customer Service.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Grant research and strategy, Grant writing.

Notable Projects

Working with Amigos de Santa Cruz on securing funds for the construction of a new school in Guatemala.

Why I Love This Work

This work is my way into community, even those I will never physically be a part of. This work expands my concept of the world and what can be possible. It gives me endless hope. It is through our connections with one another that we will create closer, stronger, more resilient, and more expressive communities, and this is work that I hope to devote my life to.

Fun Fact

My creative medium is dance, and I spend the majority of my free time creating, experiencing, and witnessing dance.

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