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Hal Abrams headshot

Kyle Halmrast (he/him)

Founder + CEO


Havre, MT

Current Town

Kirkland, WA

DEI Statement

After 28 years in the non-profit sector, ensuring inclusion and equitable practices are at the core of my work and personal life. With our clients we focus on three areas of work: generating awareness around the importance of equity and inclusion; advocating for change when and where there is need and equipping our clients to make that change through partnering with highly qualified DEI consultant affiliate organizations.


Sectors I've Worked In

Higher Education, Conservation, Business

Services & Areas of Expertise

Board development; Strategic Planning; Facilitation, training or workshop; Executive coaching; Interim Staffing; Talent management / hiring support; Campaign planning; Campaign counsel / management; Development assessment / planning.

Notable Projects

Founded the Ostara Group in 2008 after participating in Leadership Tomorrow Seattle. Have worked with more than 85 Boards on governance, roles and responsibility, fundraising and storytelling, relationship management and strategy. Under my leadership, Ostara has worked with more than 430 non-profit clients nationwide.

Why I Love This Work

I am a strategist and problem solver by nature, so I find it incredibly fulfilling to work with myriad clients as they identify and address what they need to do in order to evolve and succeed.

Fun Fact

I love to be creative so you'll often find me in the kitchen experimenting, or at the pottery wheel getting muddy. I also love standing in the middle of a river, taking in my surroundings while practicing the subtle art of fly-fishing.

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