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Katie Searle (she/her)

Senior Consultant


McMinnville, OR

Current Town

McMinnville, OR

DEI Statement

I have found that grant writers play a crucial role in shedding light on the intersections of oppression and systemic issues that disproportionately affect underserved and BIPOC communities. I take pride and responsibility in the opportunities I have to further DEI through my work, and in creating the partnerships and pathways that empower change-makers to move the needle towards a more just and equitable society.


BA from BYU-Hawaii; International Peacebuilding, Mediation Certificate

Sectors I've Worked In

Publishing + Human Services

Services & Areas of Expertise

Grant research and strategy; Grant writing

Notable Projects

Drawing upon more than 13 years of expertise encompassing experience in grant research, technical and grant writing, nonprofit consulting, grant management, editorial, small business administration and as a certified mediator and an empathic ally, I deliberately share my skills and work in partnerships that support vulnerable populations with compassion and care. I take pride in a consistently successful track record of securing grant awards, and a happy returning client roster I love collaborating with.

Why I Love This Work

For my undergraduate degree, I studied International Cultural Studies with an emphasis in communication and conflict resolution. I have a deep interest in social issues, culture, and human rights and I find myself gravitating to opportunities to both learn about and help others. I am incredibly eager and motivated to contribute my conflict resolution experience, mediation skills, and honed communication skills to the betterment of the world. These skills and passions have led me to become a certified mediator, philanthropic consultant, and grant writer, focusing my work on advocating for and on behalf of traditionally underserved and under-heard communities, such as: BIPOC communities, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, families and elderly individuals experiencing homelessness and food insecurity, formerly incarcerated individuals, youth aging out of foster care, and adults with developmental disabilities.

Fun Fact

I love spending time in nature, being and playing with my daughter, reading in a cozy chair, and trying my hand at new art hobbies (currently watercolor).

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