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Hal Abrams headshot

Hal Abrams (he/him)

Senior Consultant, Planned Giving


Pamona, CA

Current Town

Portland, OR

DEI Statement

I grew up in a diverse community in California and highly value the importance of welcoming and utilizing diverse perspectives. I also recognize that our society is operating on a foundation built upon a lack of privilege for many and that express attention needs to be provided to support these underrepresented communities.


J.D. - University of San Francisco; LL.M. (Taxation) - Golden Gate University (San Francisco)

Sectors I've Worked In

Estate Planning Law (as an attorney), Higher Education, Health Care (as a fundraiser)

Services & Areas of Expertise

Planned giving counsel; Campaign counsel / management; Campaign planning; Executive coaching; Facilitation, training, or workshop; Strategic Planning; Board development.

Notable Projects

I’ve been a part of record-breaking campaigns at UC Berkeley ($1.4M), the University of Oregon ($800M) and facilitated countless seven-figure gifts that have transformed small and mid-size organizations.

Why I Love This Work

The opportunity to allow organizations that are benefitting the community to grow and increase their impact.

Fun Fact

I count cards when playing blackjack (shh, please don't tell the casinos!).

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