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Catherine (Katie) Bombico

Hal Abrams headshot

Catherine (Katie) Bombico (she/her)

Senior Consultant


Bethlehem, PA

Current Town

Seattle, WA

DEI Statement

My work and approach are guided by my values, which include collaboration, inclusivity, and equity. Collaboration recognizes and lifts up the idea that we are better when we work together, in an open, candid, and respectful way. Inclusivity invites all to participate, making sure all are welcomed, considered, and supported in the process. Equity is essential and I recognize that this is a journey on which I am learning and growing continuously. I am committed to open and deep conversations that consciously bring equity into the conversation and process, in a meaningful and intentional way. In addition, I rely on research and best practice to inform the process but recognize the value of key stakeholder perspective and input. My process will be informed by research and industry best practices but ultimately guided by the organization and its unique needs. I am committed to advancing equity in the nonprofit sector, primarily in collaboration and partnership with my clients. I believe it is essential to create spaces that are inclusive and supportive while lifting up diverse voices, organizations, and communities.


MPA from Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington; BA from University of Pittsburgh

Sectors I've Worked In

Arts, Culture & Environment

Services & Areas of Expertise

Board development; Strategic Planning; Facilitation, training or workshop; Executive coaching; Campaign planning; Campaign counsel / management; Annual fund initiatives / events; Development assessment / planning.

Notable Projects

Founding Executive Director of Whim W'Him. Winner of the Charles and Nancy Collins Prize for Least-Cost Planning Tools and Applications and a Keystone Press Award for Public Service/Enterprise Series.

Why I Love This Work

Love supporting organizations to achieve their goals and make positive impacts in the community!

Fun Fact

I love to move my body- whether its dancing, mountain biking, skiing, or chasing my littles around town.

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