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Hal Abrams headshot

Audrey Fine (she/her)

Senior Consultant


Philadelphia, PA

Current Town

Seattle, WA

DEI Statement

I embrace diversity and foster equity to encourage a more inclusive and innovative place for all community members. Every individual has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. When individuals feel included and valued, it fosters a sense of belonging and social cohesion, leading to healthier and more vibrant communities. I work toward this goal, from a perspective of curiosity and learning, in my interactions in the workplace, social circles, with teams, and in my personal life.


BA from Syracuse University; MBA from University of Washington Foster School of Business

Sectors I've Worked In

Health, Human Services, Arts

Services & Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning; Facilitation, training or workshop; Interim Staffing; Development assessment / planning; Grant research and strategy; Grant writing; Donor prospect research/screening; Grants management processes.

Notable Projects

Helped start a women's reproductive health clinic; Regularly participate on grant review committees for government agencies and community foundations; Served as the Executive Director of a community-based healthcare clinic; Have consulted with the full range of nonprofit organizations from arts to education and public health to human services. Written grants to all types of funders including community foundations, corporate foundations, family foundations, and every level of government (i.e., federal, state, county, city) throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Why I Love This Work

My passion is working with different types of nonprofit organizations -- small, start-up, large, embedded -- across many sectors. I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the exceptional work they are doing. They have their own personalities, processes, strengths, and sometimes challenges, but they all bring goodness to our local economy and our communities.

Fun Fact

Every winter, I take a trip with my extended family. We started more than 30 years ago with a group of 10 in two generations and we are now 25 adults and children in three generations.

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