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Youth Eastside Services

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Youth Eastside Services

20023 - Present


Campaign Planning and Counsel


Human Services

Youth Eastside Services has been providing mental health counseling and substance use treatment to youth, from birth to age 22, and their families for over 55 years.

Youth in the US have seen a rapid rise in mental health challenges over the past several decades, and recent world events have only made circumstances more dire and the support that YES provides even more vital. Yet YES’ ability to meet rapidly growing demand has been restricted by a constantly changing financial landscape that includes unpredictable insurance and government Medicare reimbursements. Unsatisfied with these limitations, YES determined that they needed an enduring solution to their financial constraints.

Ostara is partnering with YES to build an endowment strategy that will secure their future. Ostara is currently delivering campaign strategy, campaign management, planned giving counsel and case for support development.

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