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Lavender Rights Project

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Lavender Rights Project






Lavender Rights Project elevates the power, autonomy, and leadership of the Black intersex & gender diverse community through intersectional legal and social services. They provide life-saving policy and social change advocacy, comprehensive care, and legal services to Black, indigenous, and LGBTQ+ individuals, with a particular emphasis on supporting Black trans communities. Their three areas of impact (Gender Based Violence Prevention, Housing and Economic Justice) provide stability, joy, and safety for Black gender diverse people in Washington State and across the USA.

As the Lavender Right Project's community impact expanded, so did its requirement for stable and sustainable funding. It became increasingly crucial for the organization that the individuals spearheading this initiative were from within the Black Trans community. Unfortunately, systemic barriers have historically restricted opportunities for Black Trans individuals in the development sector. Consequently, LRP resolved to employ individuals from within the community and provide them with coaches and mentors to bolster their professional growth and development.

The Ostara Group was privileged to be selected to coach and mentor LRP's emerging leaders, assisting in their development while also aiding in the formulation and implementation of fundraising strategies that resonated with their core values.

As a result of Ostara's support and expertise, LRP's revenue has seen a significant increase, marking a major milestone for the organization. But beyond the numbers, LRP staff members have not only grown in their roles but have also been elevated to positions of leadership within the organization and at other organizations in our community.

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