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Green Lake Preschool & Childcare Center

Equity in Education Cover

Green Lake Preschool & Childcare Center

2020 - 2023


Interim Leadership, Hiring, Strategic Planning, Coaching


Early Childhood

Providing top quality for children care for more than 30 years, the Greenlake & Woodland Hall preschool and childcare centers strive to ensure that every child in their care understand that they belong in the world, and grows into a resilient, productive, caring adult who value and appreciate diversity. Through a cohesive team of highly trained, caring early childhood educators, the schools provide a learning environment that supports children to become curious and engaged life-long learners: exploring their world, developing self-esteem, and forging meaningful relationships.

With the onset of the pandemic and an imminent staff restructure, the board reached out to Ostara asking for interim Executive Director services. The scope of services included operational oversight, providing leadership to the COVID-19 crisis, helping the organization design an appropriate organizational structure, and provide a strategy for hiring a permanent leader for the organization.

Over the next nine months Ostara stabilized operations, including financials and human resources, reorganized staff, developed and provided a covid 19 response plan and supporting communication, and led a search process – resulting in the placement of a new Executive Director in November 2020. After nine months of stable leadership, Ostara re-engaged to lead a board retreat, followed by a strategic planning process, board development, and executive coaching.

As a result of this partnership, the organization has stabilized staffing and created a supportive culture and staffing plan that works in the best interest of the children, families, and staff members. They have an extensive waiting list for each school, a healthy financial reserve, increased teacher salaries, and have purchased property to expand enrolment and enhance program curriculum. The have created organizational alignment through the revision of the school’s vision, mission and values and recently approved a new strategic plan.

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