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Bainbridge Performing Arts

Equity in Education Cover

Bainbridge Performing Arts

2020 - 2023


Campaign Counsel


Performing Arts

Bainbridge Performing Arts (BPA) promotes appreciation of and participation in the performing arts to build, educate, entertain, and inspire our vibrant, creative community. BPA envisions an inclusive and connected community in which we spark joy and change lives by creating a “brave space” for the pursuit of equitable, creative, and educational experiences.

At BPA, we value imagination, diversity, accessibility, transparency, inclusion, sincerity, respect, equity, equality, joy, responsibility, sustainability, and leadership in the course of our creative exploration of the performing arts. We believe unequivocally that Black lives matter.

By the winter of 2019, Bainbridge Performing Arts had been building up to a capital campaign for nearly four years - but it was Ostara that helped us turn momentum into direction.

When Covid-19 closed our doors just a few months later, our consultant joined us for an enormous pandemic pirouette. Together we strategized, redesigned, and creatively relaunched a campaign that didn’t just raise the money that the organization needed, we raised the spirits of a community desperately seeking hope in a moment of unparalleled uncertainty. Ostara's support lifted us with every turn: an expert for the committee, a partner for leadership staff, and a fount of encouragement for volunteers and donors alike.

In October of 2023, after successfully raising $18 million, we opened The Buxton Center for Bainbridge Performing Arts on time, on budget, and without debt - a feat that could not have been accomplished without Ostara at our side.

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