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Bloedel Reserve

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Bloedel Reserve

2018 - 2023


Interim, Hiring Support, Development Planning, Campaign Planning, Grant Service



Located on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound, Bloedel Reserve is a 140-acre preserve dedicated to enriching people’s lives through a premier public garden of natural land and designed Pacific Northwest landscapes.

In 2018, The Reserve had recently developed a Master Plan, was midway through a $25M campaign, and without a full development team. Ostara was engaged to provide a development assessment, interim development leadership and campaign management, as well as development hiring counsel. Then in 2021 after the pandemic and another leadership transition, Ostara was invited back to engage in a similar capacity to advance a refreshed vision for the future.

Ostara took a holistic approach to Bloedel Reserve’s multiple goals and evolving needs. We updated our assessment of their development program and campaign plans, including a community survey, a facilitated retreat, and refreshing the campaign case for support. We also partnered to recruit, select and onboard a new Director of Development, while stepping-in with grant writing, interim Development program leadership and development planning during the vacancy.

Because of Ostara’s long relationship with the Bloedel Reserve community and our deep bench of varied expertise, we seamlessly partnered with the board and staff, leveraging 4 different consultants to advance multiple objectives as the project evolved. As a promising new Director of Development was placed, they were able to inherit a refreshed and in-tact team, annual plan, and grants program. Since then, Ostara has shifted to leadership coaching and grants services, and is committed to supporting The Reserve’s future success in whatever capacity is needed next.

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