Fundraising Advantage

Strengthen Your Team

Fundraising Advantage is a unique workshop series that helps you strengthen the culture of philanthropy in your organization. Bring together your organization’s director, a board member, and a lead fundraising staff member to shape your fundraising future and define your path together.

Learn how to integrate these roles to better connect with donors, raise more money, and further your mission. In order to give you the customized attention you need, each cohort is limited to teams from 3 organizations.

Support Where You Need It Most

Unlike one-day courses, you’ll receive full support over a four-month period, as your team identifies and addresses the issues keeping you from reaching your full fundraising potential:

 Session 1: Improve Your Fundraising Program

  • Review your team’s assessments of your fundraising program, receive recommendations from the Ostara team on key opportunities in your organization; create an action plan for improving your development program.

 Session 2: Major Donors and Moves Management

  • Learn best practices in building relationships with major donors. Work within your team to identify top donors and next steps to connect them with your mission.

 Session 3: Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

  • Identify new board engagement activities and opportunities in your organization to increase the board’s participation in the fundraising cycle.

 Session 4: Identify Next Steps

  • Reconnect with your cohort after a two month break to share successes, discuss current challenges and identify how to keep your momentum going.


     Fundraising Advantage's first cohort at the Ostara office

"I found the sessions to have immediate relevance and appreciated that there was time built into the trainings to apply our new found skills. Given the minimal investment of time and dollars, the ROI on the Fundraising Advantage program was very high!”

- Jennifer Grove, Executive Director, NW SEED

Spring 2017 DATES:

Fridays from 8:30-10:30 am

March 31

April 28

May 19

June 9

All Sessions are held at Ostara’s office:

102 W Roy St, Seattle WA

For any questions, email Senior Consultant

Karen Hirsch at

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