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Morgan McGinn (she/her)

Business Manager + Consultant


Kirkland, WA

Current Town

West Seattle, WA

DEI Statement

DEI work is, for me, imperative and ongoing, in both my personal and professional life. I believe in this work, and as a consultant in the non-profit space, take seriously my responsibility to listen first and foremost to those with lived experience and elevate the voices of those communities, organizations and individuals who have historically been dismissed, to grow awareness and access, and to reduce boundaries and exclusion.


Bachelor of Science, Photography and Creative Writing, University of Miami

Sectors I've Worked In

Arts, Conservation, Education, Professional Women’s Sports

Services & Areas of Expertise

Board development; Facilitation, training or workshop; Talent management / hiring support; Campaign planning; Annual fund initiatives / events; Development assessment / planning; Donor prospect research/screening.

Notable Projects

I have been fortunate to work on so many extraordinary projects throughout my career including planning, supporting and executing events surrounding Seattle Opera’s beloved RING production, the development of a corporate and community partnership program for a professional women’s soccer team, and working to raise $3M+ dollars for a carbon tax ballot initiative in 2018 with a team of outstanding fundraisers from various organizations.

Why I Love This Work

The diversity and the people. The diversity of clients, of projects, of communities served…no day is the same, no client is the same, no community or team or organization is the same. Every day is an opportunity to have even the smallest bit of impact. And I love people – the relationships I am forming everyday with people who are impacted by the work of organizations I support, the conversations I get to have with donors who truly believe that giving back to your community makes us all healthier and happier, and the staff at organizations I work with, who give so much of themselves every day because they believe in their work, their communities, and in the collective power that all of us together can make a difference…I feel so fortunate to be doing the work I do.

Fun Fact

I’m an avid soccer player (despite a few knee surgeries), skier (finally back on the slopes after said knee surgeries), roller-skater, and the only things I love more than Gloria Estefan are sushi and my 5-year-old daughter, who is the greatest joy of my life.

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