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Rebecca Zanatta, M.Ed., CFRM

About Rebecca

I have 20 years of experience building and stewarding strategic donor partnerships and serving in high-level leadership and advancement roles for organizations, including the Pacific Science Center and Washington State University Foundation.

I have a deep understanding of how to plan, build and manage a diverse and successful major gifts plan, and how to develop and implement a realistic and focused strategic plan. I have consulted with over 50 nonprofit organizations over the last 9 years on developing their fundraising strategies, including generational giving, capital campaigns and board development programs. I will help you define and segment your target audiences, share your story, and succeed with your fundraising goals.

I recently joined the faculty at Seattle University in the Master in Nonprofit Leadership program. I am a graduate of the Leadership Tomorrow and proudly serve on the WSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

Fun facts about Rebecca:

  • I traveled around the world almost ten years ago, visiting 25 countries on 5 continents. I’m working on travel plans to my 45th country now!
  • Greatest job growing up: working at the Mercer Marine gas dock on Lake Washington.
  • One of my favorite memories from living in Chicago for six years: the smell of chocolate downtown, coming from the Blommer Chocolate Company.

Rebecca held the position of contract Executive Director for Kirkland Arts Center when it was in turmoil. She brought cohesion to the small team, putting solid structure in place and turning morale around. She provided guidance and a game plan for the development team, leading to their success. Lastly, she recruited her permanent replacement and facilitated a smooth transition for new leadership. Quite simply, she is fantastic!

Pamela Kirk Rembold, Kirkland Arts Center

Rebecca is a supportive and enthusiastic fundraiser. She has done a fantastic job coaching campaign staff and volunteers to be more confident and effective in their major gift asks. Rebecca helped us create individualized strategies to convert interested individuals into enthusiastic champions and important donors to our capital campaign. Not to mention, she regularly reminds us to consider how to tie our campaign success back to our annual fundraising plan.

Joe Gruber, University District Food Bank

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