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Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

Rachelle Pierce

About Rachelle

I focus on telling Ostara’s story through marketing and communications. You’ll find me behind the scenes working an event, organizing volunteers, or designing our next Instagram story.
When I’m not at Ostara, I support projects in Seattle’s Filipino-American community. As the Vice President for a young adult's group at the Greater Seattle SDA church, I plan community outreach projects and spearhead fundraising campaigns. My latest project is working with the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns to design marketing materials for the upcoming Seattle/King County Filipino health and wellness initiative. 

Fun facts about Rachelle:

  • I went to an art’s high school specializing in vocal music. My go-to karaoke artist is Alicia Keys. 
  • I LOVE dogs so much I plan to open a dog cafe full of rescue pups.  
  • I’m in the process of learning Tagalog and Korean.

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