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Senior Consultant, Director of Campaign Services

JeeYoung Dobbs

About JeeYoung

At Ostara, I assist nonprofit organizations to raise funds as part of capital and other special campaign efforts. With 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I bring extensive fundraising and capacity building expertise. I’ve held positions in annual giving, major gifts, and capital campaigns at organizations including Girl Scouts San Diego, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Virginia Mason Foundation, KUOW Public Radio, and KEXP. I’ve held leadership roles in three capital campaigns, most recently as a major gifts officer for KEXP’s $15 million New Home Campaign in Seattle, WA.

I am passionate about the success of the nonprofit sector. I believe that real and lasting social change is made possible through the incredible work of my nonprofit colleagues, and I’m thrilled to support our collective efforts.

I currently serve on the board of TeenTix, a youth development organization that empowers young people to become artists, advocates, and activists. Additionally, I’m a member of Social Justice Fund NW, a foundation working on the front lines of social change throughout the NW.

Fun facts about JeeYoung:

  • In college, I spent a semester abroad in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • I have a deep love of antique stores. My first job was at the Edmonds Antique Mall (sadly, long gone) where I learned from enthusiastic collectors the joy of finding that perfect treasure.
  • I’m ambidextrous – although I do write with my right hand after being trained at an early age to temper my leftie impulses.

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