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Operations Coordinator

Ellen Abram

About Ellen

At Ostara, I focus on making sure that our company’s internal operations and practices support our consultants and nonprofits clients to the best of our ability. I work with our clients on contracting and billing, manage data and other internal business systems, play a role in our firm’s human resources and communications, and keep our office running smoothly so that the rest of the team can focus on serving you.

When I’m not at Ostara, I’m also the Producing Director of The Williams Project, a living wage theatre company in Seattle. As the theatre’s executive leader, I helm its fundraising strategy, marketing and communications, finance, and nuts-and-bolts business operations - giving me a deep appreciation of the in-the-trenches challenges of growing a small organization's budget and impact!

Fun facts about Ellen:

  • I have an extra bone in my right foot.
  • I was a child actor and performed at the International Bertolt Brecht Symposium in Berlin when I was eleven.
  • I am a pretty terrible cook. Once, I ruined Rice Krispie treats.

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