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Senior Consultant, Director of Grant Services

Cami Aurioles

About Cami

After nine years fundraising in New York City, I like to say that non-profits “raised me.” Working with dynamic communities has emphasized that it is my privilege and purpose to support organizations providing life-affirming services to their communities and the earth. Through this commitment, I have raised over $15M in public and private funds for partners across the sector.

As an institutional funding specialist, my expertise is in grant strategy and implementation, case development, financial management & revenue projecting, systems engineering and sustainability planning. I develop strategies that align with organizational goals, are grounded in data but at heart, center on community-building. With broad non-profit management experience, I provide a comprehensive perspective on the role that grants play in the sustainability and scale of your organization.

In the eternal words of Eduardo Galeano, I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Trained by Race Forward and the Center for Racial Justice, I perform my work through an equity framework, acknowledging that the structural dimensions of racism must be dismantled actively. I value ecosystems thinking, process-driven collaboration and a culture of transparency. I aim to be a committed and compassionate partner in manifesting your mission.

Fun facts about Cami:

  • I accidentally have become a Salesforce CRM guru, now with nine years under my belt.
  • I recently moved to Seattle after 13 years in New York City. I am incrementally phasing the black out of my wardrobe.
  • Inspired by a 2-week solo trip I took to Japan in 2016, I spent five solo months in 2017 in Central and South America (consulting remotely from internet cafes!).

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