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Brittany Kirk

About Brittany

I thrive when there is a problem to be solved and I can help others navigate through complexity to arrive at clear, action-oriented solutions. In typical nonprofit fashion, I have worn all the hats: executive leader, board member, program manager, operations coordinator, fundraiser, and volunteer. This real world experience over the past decade has given me insight into the interconnections between strategy and implementation in nonprofit work. My experience is underscored by a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Governance and Public Policy, which gives me firm footing in the research-driven best practices of the nonprofit sector.

I bring this perspective into my work at Ostara as Director of Grant Services. Ostara’s grant service line—which assist nonprofits with customized grant research, writing, editing, coaching, and assessments—has raised more than $17million for small and mid-sized nonprofits throughout the Pacific Northwest over the past decade. Individually, I have successfully raised public and private funding and supported more than 23 diverse organizations, including Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Queen Anne Helpline, Foundation for Edmonds School District, Spark Northwest, Cascade Bicycle Club, Vine Maple Place, Alliance for Education, Carnation Farms, the Somali Health Board, and more. My approach with my clients is action-oriented and efficient, but highly customized to each organization’s unique needs. I enjoy crafting grant strategies that equip organizations to be nimble, efficient, and above all, impactful. I am driven and entrepreneurial, motivated by a challenge, able to lead through change, a big picture thinker who catches all the details, and committed to efficiency and clarity.

Fun facts about Brittany:

  • I spent three summers in my early twenties waitressing on the New Jersey shore.
  • My favorite day would be one spent perusing an art supply store and crafting something with my hands.
  • I am unendingly competitive and enjoy any kind of challenge, from a board game to a triathlon.

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