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Director of Grant Services

Brittany Kirk

About Brittany

I thrive when there is a problem to be solved and I can help others navigate through complexity to arrive at clear, action-oriented solutions. I entered the nonprofit world years ago as an employee whose position was funded through one large very restrictive grant, and immediately realized that there was a better way to seek, pursue, and manage grant funding.

After gaining deep experience in fundraising, strategic planning, and nonprofit finance, I am passionate about crafting grant applications that equip organizations to be nimble, efficient, and above all - impactful. I believe that an effective grant not only speaks the funder’s language, but more importantly, aligns all of a nonprofit’s building blocks--program design, financial considerations, client data, and long-term strategy--into one cohesive and compelling story. I am driven and entrepreneurial, motivated by a challenge, able to lead through change, a big picture thinker who catches all the details, and committed to efficiency and clarity.

My role at Ostara focuses on building the capacity of nonprofit organizations to leverage grant funding to achieve their missions. I lead a team of talented grant consultants to serve clients with grant-related research, strategy, and implementation. 

Fun facts about Brittany :

  • I spent three summers in my early twenties waitressing on the New Jersey shore.
  • I’m a gung ho DIY-er and could spend days in a craft store.
  • I love aerial circus arts, and have secret ambitions to become a trapeze artist.  

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