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Bailey Disher

About Bailey

I began my fundraising career garnering support for service-learning trips through direct-mail campaigns and annual events. As a face-to-face fundraiser, I learned how to quickly and creatively craft compelling asks to sign up first time monthly donors on behalf of American Red Cross and UNICEF.

I strive to develop a strong understanding of the on-the-ground work that takes place at your organization and translate it into clearly written, impactful narratives that garner vital and long lasting support for your cause. I will work with you to build a grant management system to increase efficiency and guide relationship stewardship efforts to achieve grant goals. I love partnering with organizations to strategize and write grants that fund new or expanded programs or staff positions. Since joining Ostara, I’ve developed a deep knowledge of the organizations and funding landscape that exists in the region to support education, youth development, and professional development work.

Fun facts about Bailey :

  • I spent my last two quarters of college living in Malaysia, working to improve labor legislation for domestic workers.
  • When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me grooving at a live show.
  • I am a lifetime Episcopalian and work as the Director of Youth Ministry at a church. 

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