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Bailey Disher

About Bailey

I began my fundraising career as a face-to-face fundraiser, which taught me to quickly and creatively craft compelling asks to sign up first time monthly donors on behalf of the American Red Cross and UNICEF. This experience helped me understand the motivations and concerns of prospective donors and underscored the importance of nonprofits clearly connecting their work to the passions and priorities of donors.

I support clients with prospect research, grant and report writing, strategy and cultivation, coaching, and facilitation. In many ways I see my role as a translator: Helping nonprofit clients better understand the philanthropic sector, specifically how to cultivate, steward, and strategize to increase investment in your work. Simultaneously, working with nonprofits to clearly articulate their vital work to funders who want to support it.  I am adept at bridging the connection between fundraising, programs, finance, and organizational leadership especially as organizations maneuver through leadership transition, program growth, or program expansion.

Since joining Ostara, I’ve developed a deep knowledge of the organizations and funding landscape that exists in the region to support education, youth development, environmental, and equity work. I am the current chair of the Kids4Peace Seattle Advisory Board and a long-time volunteer of Camp Saint Andrew’s Saratoga and the One Equal Heart Foundation.

Fun facts about Bailey:

  • In college, I spent six months living in Malaysia and working to improve the labor legislation for domestic workers.
  • When I’m not working you’ll most likely find me grooving to live music.
  • I served as the Editor in Chief of my high school yearbook for three years.

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