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Ann Lowe

About Ann

I am committed to helping others within my community, though compassionate collaboration and innovation. I thrive while helping others solve puzzles and creating actionable goals that support their organization’s mission and values. Over the past two years, I’ve provided support and guidance in fundraising, strategic planning, operations, marketing, and program evaluation. This diverse background in skills allows me to evaluate fundraising strategies from multiple perspectives and consider potential impacts on each role within a nonprofit organization. I have helped raise over $100,000 in grant funding and raised over $70,000 in fundraising events.

Before dedicating my career to supporting nonprofits, I worked as a theatre stage manager in venues across Washington State. My seven years in stage management gave me invaluable skills in communications, prioritizing effectively, staying organized, and being the calm within the eye of the storm. In combination with my long-term bookworm status, the theatre also instilled a devotion to storytelling. I believe that stories have the power to enlighten, evoke, and shape emotions and perspectives within a single person and entire communities. In addition to helping you outline your funding and impact goals, I strive to tell the story of your organization and programs with authenticity and care.

Fun facts about Ann:

  • As a Low Income Housing Institute volunteer, I’ve constructed several tiny homes and have helped set up four tiny house villages within Seattle.
  • While I love the city, I grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington, and I still have a deep fondness for farm-life, county fairs, and crickets chirping beneath endless stars.
  • After playing the flute for over four years, I switched to the tuba to get my high school band director to stop  complaining about the lack of bass in our band. Not only did it work, but it also gave me a whole new perspective on music!

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