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Campaign Planning in Verse

National Limerick Day, May 12, 2022

And now for a word from Ostara

To our clients both near and afar-a

Who are taking the reigns

And planning campaigns,

We offer this brief Magna Carta:

(Article I: Leadership)

Your leadership must be prepared,

Committees shall duly be chaired,

All will give in good measure

Their time and their treasure

And networks be happily shared.

(Article II: Community)

Begin with your deepest investors

And community messaging testers

To ensure there’s potential

And those influential

To be your best friends and connectors

(Article III: Core Assets)

Neglect not your staff and your culture

Your fundraising infrastructure

Your plans and your mission

Your values and vision

All under a skillful conductor

If you’re wondering “what’s our potential?”

“Do we have everything that’s essential?”

Our team’s seen it all

And we’d welcome your call

To discuss our approach and credentials.


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