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How our services work together.

At its core, our work is relational. We have extensive experience as fundraisers, and we are community-oriented people, so relationship building permeates everything we do here at Ostara. The more we can foster strong connections and conversations, the more successfully we see our clients achieve their mission.

Over the years, Ostara developed a sincerely collaborative culture, and we believe that cross-pollination of services and expertise is one of the keys in our ability to effect organizational change. Here are some examples of the way our services work together:

  • Our grant consultants are uniquely trained to draw connections between grant work and broader initiatives in your organization. Too often grant writing happens in a silo. We integrate grant writing with the big picture, be it a capital campaign, your strategic plan, or building your next annual budget.

  • Our campaign consultants look at organizational readiness for a campaign, assessing board development, annual fund, major gifts, and organizational culture.

  • We integrate strategic planning with development planning; this helps you not only define your next chapter but also map out how you will fund it.

Ostara emphasizes collaboration behind the scenes to build this mindset, which we collectively refer to as the Braintrust. We believe more brains are better than one, and we strive to create regular opportunities for our team to learn from each other, our clients, and outside expertise. We protect time for deeper thinking about integration of our work and services, always aiming to stay relevant, and ensuring our approach is custom-built for each client we partner with.

Our Services

Fundraising Services

  • Development Program Assessment & Planning

  • Grant Strategy, Research & Writing

  • Annual Fund & Digital Strategies

Leadership Services

  • Executive Coaching

  • Interim Leadership & Staffing

  • Board Development & Trainings

Planning Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Training, Retreats & Facilitation

Campaign Services

  • Campaign Planning & Feasibility

  • Campaign Counsel & Management

  • Campaign Grants

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Custom Built Change

Our process is to listen carefully to your needs and custom design a project to help you achieve your goals. We don't believe one-size-fits-all; we will apply best practices to your unique circumstances in a way that fits your culture, mission and experiences. We will center your work and the voice of the community you serve.

We work with nonprofits of all sizes and we are committed to your ultimate success. Ostara has a variety of consultants with different specialties and rates. We match you with the consultant who is right for your project. We check in with you regularly, solicit feedback to inform project deliverables and change course as needed to best serve your organization's needs.

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