Justine Miley (she/her)

I love the behind the scenes work that sets leaders and organizations up for success; I love being a thought partner to executives -asking the right (and sometimes hard) questions; I geek out on strategy and creating workplans; I am your partner in tackling all the “special projects” that keep stacking up that no one owns because they don’t have capacity but that are critical to the success of an organization; and ultimately, I’m not afraid to get down in the details, roll-up my sleeves, and just get stuff done.

My superpower is that I see the big picture and I can make connections between all the many different internal and external players. I have more than 20 years of experience in fundraising, communications, programs, and partnership building in a variety of small, medium, and large-scale US and global organizations and across multiple sectors including international development, global health, environment, education, and cross-cultural exchange.

I have a strong commitment to advancing racial equity and social justice, and I am constantly curious about the world and people around me.

Fun Facts about Justine:

  • My dream career is to be a stage actor and I would love to do community theater.
  • My parents gave me the middle initial of “R” when I was a kid and said I could pick my own name. So…my name was Rainbow for a few years
  • I love to travel and have lived in Bangladesh and the UK, and I hope to live abroad again one day!