Hal Abrams (he/him)

I entered the field of philanthropy suddenly and with little warning to friends and family.  While practicing as an estate planning attorney in San Francisco, I was shown a job listing for a planned giving professional at a nearby university. Shortly thereafter, I closed up my law practice that focused on saving money for clients and entered the world of planned giving to help donors save money AND help meaningful nonprofits, primarily through estate gifts.  A decade later, I transitioned again and assumed broader responsibilities in helping donors make gifts at all stages of their lives.  I led overall development teams at both Lewis & Clark College and Clark College aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of all aspects of their fundraising program.

As a consultant, I help arts, social services, and health organizations revise their messaging to reflect their vision for a stronger organization.  I also help the fundraisers at these organizations use the tools of planned giving to expand the giving sights of their donors and raise larger funds to accomplish their vision.

I enjoy working with individual fundraisers and development communication staff members.  Having played team sports most of my life, I value teamwork through staff collaboration and share metrics that incentivize working together.  I am a regular speaker at gift planning conferences and am an adjunct faculty at the Lilly Fundraising School at Indiana University.  I also give presentations to donors and boards and conduct regular staff trainings.

Fun Facts:

  • I count cards when I play black jack (please don’t tell the casinos!)
  • I still play in recreational basketball leagues
  • My two college graduated daughters left the West Coast and are gainfully employed (and having fun) in Nashville, TN!