Brittany Kirk

In typical nonprofit fashion, I have worn all the hats: executive leader, board member, program manager, operations coordinator, fundraiser, and volunteer. Over the years, I’ve worked with more than 33 diverse organizations across a wide spectrum of missions, including health and nutrition, economic development, social services, education, arts, and environmental sustainability. In each of these situations, I have sought to apply proven strategies in nonprofit fundraising and management to the unique challenges, missions, and contexts of each organization. I aim to help my clients tell authentic stories about their work, raise flexible dollars that allow them to stay on track towards their goals, and build infrastructure that will help them continue doing good work well into the future. Above all else, I thrive when there is a problem to be solved, and I can help others navigate through complexity to arrive at clear, action-oriented solutions. I’ve helped Ostara’s grants team—which provides custom grant writing, research, and strategy—raise more than $26 million for nonprofits throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 2009.

My real-world experience is underscored by a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Governance and Public Policy, which gives me a firm footing in the research-driven best practices of the nonprofit sector. I am also a highly-rated presenter at events by the Puget Sound Grantwriters’ Association (PSGA) and Washington Nonprofits and a member of both PSGA and the national Grant Professionals Association (GPA).

Fun facts about Brittany:

  • I spent three summers in my early twenties waitressing on the New Jersey shore.
  • My two small kids fill up much of my free time with things like legos and dance parties.
  • I have driven across the country five different times, and enjoy finding a new route each time.