Ali Marcus

I came to Ostara in 2010 to manage the company’s grant-related work, and as demand for grant services quickly outpaced supply, I built a team of strong, strategy-oriented grant consultants who collectively support clients on a range of grant-related needs. Overall, the grants team has helped to raise over $50 million in our community!

My current client work spans all of Ostara’s service lines, with an emphasis on aligning organizational goals with day to day fundraising operations. We can work together to build a case for support, improve or adjust grant strategy, assess your development program through donor data analysis, host a conversation about organizational change, or creatively design a project that best fits your specific circumstances.

If you are a grantmaking organization, we can work together to custom build a training series for your grantees, or to hold conversations about your grantmaking process and identify your goals for impact. Nearly twelve years of on-the-ground experience in grantseeking and fundraising across more than 85 organizations in our region informs my perspective on this work.

No matter what the focus, my expertise lies in helping you draw connections between organizational strategy and fundraising strategy, and build an understanding among your team about why we do that. If there’s a timeline, you can bet I’m going to be ahead of schedule, and if there isn’t a timeline, I’ll build one. I’m an organization whiz and will bring clarity and order to your needs and goals.

For my internal company work, I apply similar principles and methods to management of our business operations, finances, growth of services, and quality of services. As Ostara continues to identify, support, and fill critical roles in the community, I will continue to hone our ability to support our clients and our employees in building their fundraising and leadership potential.

Fun facts about Ali:

  • I was raised in Virginia and can eat more blue crabs than you.
  • Favorite activity when not working: hiking around our beautiful mountains.
  • I have a not-so-secret day job as a folksinger.