On-Demand Coaching

On-Demand Coaching

Do you need some quick advice on nonprofit fundraising and leadership? A short but effective conversation with an Ostara consultant can help you identify key challenges, plan ahead for change, and create a tangible path forward. Beginning in June, Ostara will offer quick access one-hour coaching sessions, for an hourly fee, with one of our experts to ask questions, talk through ideas or problems, or get feedback on a specific project. Choose the option below that best fits your needs.

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One-Hour Coaching Session with President & CEO, Kyle Halmrast 

Kyle specializes in:

  • Board governance and culture 

  • Development roles and responsibilities 

  • Organizational structure, innovation, and change

Read Kyle's full bio here.

Kyle's hourly rates:

One-Hour Coaching Session with Senior Strategist, Rebecca Zanatta 

Rebecca specializes in:
  • Board development
  • Individual and major gifts
  • Capital campaigns
  • Team structure, leadership, and collaboration

​Read Rebecca's full bio here.

Rebecca's hourly rates:

One-Hour Coaching Session with Vice President, Ali Marcus

Ali specializes in:
  • Institutional giving
  • Case for support
  • Connecting organizational strategy to development planning, finance, impact, and donor data

​Read Ali's full bio here.

Ali's hourly rates:

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