Cohort Learning

Cohort Learning

We are excited to introduce to you what we’ve been working on the past few months! This summer we’re launching two new cohorts where you’ll have access to some of the most needed tools and resources in the sector.

Group coaching and learning within a cohort provides participants the opportunity to spend time with an Ostara consultant at a reduced rate, follow a structured guide, and learn from others in the group. In each cohort learning environment, we have produced and participated in, we have discovered that hearing from your peers is just as important as absorbing the lecture.

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Development Basics

Cost: $900
Every Tuesday at 9:30 am | July 7th - August 18th​

During these sessions, participants will learn and gain confidence in understanding the foundations and essential principles of fund development. In a setting that will combine peer-group education along with lectures and homework, participants will explore the who, what, when, where, why, and how of philanthropy and fundraising. During the seven-week session led James Pérez, the cohort will work through a stacked curriculum that will culminate in the creation of a development plan. 

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Major Giving

Cost: $1,500 
Every Thursday at 9:30 am | July 16th - August 13th

Whether your organization sees a major gift as $100 or $100,000, having a major gift program with a strong foundation is vital to growth and success. In this class, Rebecca Zanatta will walk participants through what makes a strong major giving program -  one that uses data, relationships, and programs collaboratively. The five sessions are highly focused and will provide participants with tools, resources, and the knowledge base to build a new or refined major giving program.

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"Recently stepping into the world of fundraising, Ostara has helped me reach assurance in my ability to execute thoughtful fundraising and corporate strategies as a young philanthropist. The early development of a customized coaching plan resulted in an invaluable experience that has become and will continue to be the foundation of my career. Without Ostara and the help from James, I would have never reached my current level of confidence when occupying fundraising spaces as a person of color. Grateful for the experience and changes that will be shaping the direction of my team and my entire organization."

Rafael Saucedo, Corporate Relations Manager at Forterra


“Working with Ostara was invaluable in coaching both our organization and philanthropy team through a critical transition. Their expertise in the non-profit space along with both group and individualized coaching sessions helped refocus our strategies and efforts to where they were most effective. I highly recommend Ostara to any organization that is seeking an objective partner to help navigate an evolving  internal and/or external climate.”

Lizanne Wicklund, Sr. Major Gifts Manager at Forterra

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