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Jun 08

Ostara Group

Totem Star supports a diverse community of young recording artists learning music and life skills through mentorship and meaningful relationships. In early March they closed their recording studio due to COVID-19 and since have found ways to utilize technology to continue their mission. | Read More

Apr 06

Ostara Group

Cancer Lifeline is an organization whose mission is to provide resources and support patients through their cancer journey. Ostara connected with Joseph Yurgevich, Executive Director at Cancer Lifeline, to learn how they are adapting to provide their services amid COVID-19. | Read More

Jul 15

Ostara Group

Whether you lead a small nonprofit moving mountains with a tiny budget or manage hundreds of people at a multi-million-dollar organization, success takes hard work — more than you ever think it will and sometimes more than you think you and your team have it in you to muster. | Read More

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