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Feb 28

Karen Hirsch

Think of a facilitator as a nonprofit doctor specializing in organizational change. How do you know when your organization needs to see a specialist? Here are seven "symptoms" that it's time to call a facilitator. | Read More

Jun 26

Karen Hirsch

The strategic planning process can be incredibly fruitful for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Here are some key elements that can help make the process successful and enjoyable. | Read More

Apr 21

Karen Hirsch

Ostara is happy announce that the winner of our Service Grant is Kids4Peace! Their organization brings together Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other youth for interfaith dialogues and leadership development. | Read More

Dec 05

Karen Hirsch

In the wake of an election that has led to incidents of hate and intolerance, The Ostara Group announces a Service Grant of 25 hours of free consulting to help catalyze the next great nonprofit whose mission will promote peace and understanding. | Read More

Oct 29

Karen Hirsch

We've put together a list of 13 questions every nonprofit should be able to answer that can give you better insight into your organizational health. | Read More

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