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Jun 10

JeeYoung Dobbs

A campaign is an extraordinary phase in the life of an organization. A campaign requires major evolution in how board and staff think about and approach fundraising. This change can be difficult but can ultimately lead to a higher caliber of annual fundraising thanks to the investments and expertise devoted to the effort. | Read More

Oct 30

JeeYoung Dobbs

If you've ever undertaken a campaign, you know that sometimes it can feel like you've hit a dead end. How do you keep pushing forward? Here are a few tips from the team at Ostara to help you feel your way through the campaign darkness. | Read More

Jun 28

JeeYoung Dobbs

Public funding continues to anchor many nonprofit capital projects. But just like individual, foundation, and corporate gifts, line items in government budgets and public grants are not easy to secure. Here are our three critical pieces of advice for pursuing government funding for capital campaigns. | Read More

Jan 31

JeeYoung Dobbs

Everyone dwells on the end of a campaign, but how you plan a campaign from the start can make or break it. Here is a checklist to help you know when you are ready to jump into campaign fundraising. | Read More

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