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Apr 17

Ali Marcus

This post is part three of a three-part series. If you haven't already, go back and check out part one and two, where we describe what happened to the nonprofit sector in Washington during the last economic recession and what nonprofit leaders can do today to survive. | Read More

Jan 31

Ali Marcus

Fundraising data is a crucial driver of innovation and success, but many fundraisers don't feel they have the skills they need in database management or data analysis. To conquer your fear of data and elevate its role in your fundraising strategy, here are two key norms to incorporate into your organization's culture around data. | Read More

Sep 07

Ali Marcus

Grants Accelerator is a regular blog series about leveraging your grants strategy to enhance organizational sustainability. In this installment, Partner and Managing Director Ali Marcus explores success indicators for your grants programs. | Read More

Apr 30

Ali Marcus

Multi-year funding is often treated like the holy grail of the fundraising world. As part of our Grants Acceletator series, here are three key myths, and the hidden actual opportunities, that a multi-year grants strategy can bring to your organization. | Read More

Oct 17

Ali Marcus

Steps to relieve some of your budgeting stress and set your development team up to succeed. | Read More

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