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Jul 31

Scott Sadler

You need to build a ship before you can steer it, and a development department's no different. Learn how a "Builder" fundraiser can help your organization through a period of change. | Read More

Jun 28

JeeYoung Dobbs

Public funding continues to anchor many nonprofit capital projects. But just like individual, foundation, and corporate gifts, line items in government budgets and public grants are not easy to secure. Here are our three critical pieces of advice for pursuing government funding for capital campaigns. | Read More

May 29

Bailey Disher

Sometimes it seems like every nonprofit is outlining plans to scale up, but growth isn't the only option. Here are five questions to help your staff and Board clarify your growth goals and align your fundraising. | Read More

Apr 30

Kari Dasher

Nonprofits often don't invest in the tools their staff, Board, and volunteers need to raise funds effectively. Want your team at the top of their game? Here are three steps you can take to strengthen your development infrastructure and build your culture of philanthropy. | Read More

Mar 26

Ariel Glassman

Is your inbox like mine during GiveBIG: flooded? Peer-to-peer campaigns help your organization to cut through the email noise on giving days and reach a new network of supporters, but they take some planning. Here are five steps for designing a successful P2P GiveBIG campaign. | Read More

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