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Jan 31

Ali Marcus

Fundraising data is a crucial driver of innovation and success, but many fundraisers don't feel they have the skills they need in database management or data analysis. To conquer your fear of data and elevate its role in your fundraising strategy, here are two key norms to incorporate into your organization's culture around data. | Read More

Dec 30

Scott Sadler

Think of your fiscal year like a journey. Your strategic and development plans are the maps. But, if your organization has neither type of plan, how do you decide where to start? Here's a quick primer, based on our clients' frequently asked questions about planning. | Read More

Nov 26

Olivia Miller Gattuso

The number one reason nonprofit leaders give for not applying for a grant is they don't have time. Sound familiar? But limited staff capacity is not the only indicator it's time to work with an outside grantwriter. Here are six more signs you're ready to partner on your grants program. | Read More

Oct 30

JeeYoung Dobbs

If you've ever undertaken a campaign, you know that sometimes it can feel like you've hit a dead end. How do you keep pushing forward? Here are a few tips from the team at Ostara to help you feel your way through the campaign darkness. | Read More

Sep 30

Kyle Halmrast

In honor of Ostara's 10th anniversary, here's a list of our team's top 10 lessons learned from a decade of serving nonprofits. | Read More

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