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Jun 22

James J.G. Pérez

A dynamic and proactive fundraiser splits their portfolio into thirds: solicitation, cultivation, and stewardship. | Read More

Jun 10

JeeYoung Dobbs

A campaign is an extraordinary phase in the life of an organization. A campaign requires major evolution in how board and staff think about and approach fundraising. This change can be difficult but can ultimately lead to a higher caliber of annual fundraising thanks to the investments and expertise devoted to the effort. | Read More

Jun 08

Ostara Group

Totem Star supports a diverse community of young recording artists learning music and life skills through mentorship and meaningful relationships. In early March they closed their recording studio due to COVID-19 and since have found ways to utilize technology to continue their mission. | Read More

May 11

James J.G. Pérez

Philanthropy is not sales; we do not provide you with a tangible commercial item. Philanthropy offers something far greater, a transformational impact on the community by a community. | Read More

Apr 17

Ali Marcus

This post is part three of a three-part series. If you haven't already, go back and check out part one and two, where we describe what happened to the nonprofit sector in Washington during the last economic recession and what nonprofit leaders can do today to survive. | Read More

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