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Nov 26

Olivia Miller Gattuso

The number one reason nonprofit leaders give for not applying for a grant is they don't have time. Sound familiar? But limited staff capacity is not the only indicator it's time to work with an outside grantwriter. Here are six more signs you're ready to partner on your grants program. | Read More

Oct 30

JeeYoung Dobbs

If you've ever undertaken a campaign, you know that sometimes it can feel like you've hit a dead end. How do you keep pushing forward? Here are a few tips from the team at Ostara to help you feel your way through the campaign darkness. | Read More

Sep 30

Kyle Halmrast

In honor of Ostara's 10th anniversary, here's a list of our team's top 10 lessons learned from a decade of serving nonprofits. | Read More

Aug 30

Rebecca Zanatta

Many organizations define major gift prospects by dollars, but the numbers don't capture someone's passion for your mission. Here are five relationship-based ideas for expanding how you identify major gift prospects. | Read More

Jul 31

Scott Sadler

You need to build a ship before you can steer it, and a development department's no different. Learn how a "Builder" fundraiser can help your organization through a period of change. | Read More

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