About Us

Our mission is to build fundraising skills, organizational capacity, and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Our vision is a nonprofit sector filled with thriving organizations equipped to build a better world.

As a nonprofit leader, you work hard every day to protect our planet, create vibrant communities, and provide a safety net to society’s most vulnerable.

We founded The Ostara Group to help you succeed in that vital work.

After eight years and more than 220 clients, we’ve learned that addressing organizational culture is crucial to the success of your organization and fundraising efforts.

Our team of advisors collaborates with you to unlock your organization’s full potential and make your vision a reality. We work with you to craft innovative strategies, pair them with sound implementation processes to increase your impact and strengthen your development program.

  • We Believe 

    funding is more sustainable when the relationship between your program and fundraising staff is healthy and supportive.

  • We Believe 

    fundraising is not about the money, but what the money you raise allows you, your organization, and your donors to accomplish.

  • We Believe 

    organizations are more stable when they set goals for sustaining and growing their impact based on what their donors are able to give.

  • We Believe 

    organizations thrive when their fundraising program is designed to prevent development staff and volunteer burnout.

  • We Believe 

    your fundraising capacity grows when it is valued as highly, and invested in as thoughtfully, as your core program activities.