After almost 20 years in the nonprofit sector, I’ve come to realize that without smart and effective nonprofit organizations, a community just isn’t as healthy
as it should be. Nonprofits foster art, education, and a voice for the powerless. They work hard to protect our planet, our children, and are sometimes the only safety net for those at risk.

But these days, while small to midsize nonprofits play an essential role in our society, they rarely can afford the expertise necessary to become the best organizations they can be.

I started Ostara to change that.

I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained, the outstanding colleagues
I’ve met throughout my career, and bring the very best operational practices to organizations that need them. The talented teams I assemble at Ostara can
help you whether you need a more engaged and knowledgeable board or an effective and efficient annual giving program, a revenue boost from successful events or a robust major gifts program. We’ll provide the high-level coaching
and on-the-ground work needed to bring about your new day.

~Kyle Halmrast, Founder and President, The Ostara Group